Popcorn optional.


do it (short)

United Labor production. "do it (short)" is an animated film about Hans Ulrich Obrist's ongoing art exhibition, narrated by Reggie Watts. Conceived in Paris in 1993, it has become the longest-running and farthest-reaching exhibition ever. In 2013, ICI and Obrist partnered with United Labor to produce this short in honor of do it's 20th anniversary. The video debuted on New York Times' T Magazine website. I wrote and co-directed it.

In February 2015 it was shortlisted for Best Documentary at the OneScreen Awards.


Bob Greenberg Advertising Hall of Fame Induction

R/GA founder, chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame as part of 2014's “magnificent seven.” Bob is the first inductee from the world of digital advertising. This video is an homage and a look back at the defining chapters in his ongoing career. I wrote and co-directed the video.


R/GA Cube Awards Interstitials

Awards shows can get mighty boring, especially for those not leaving with a trophy. R/GA's employee-celebrating Cube Awards needed some interstitial videos to set up each category and keep people entertained. Here are two, one for "Excellence" and another for the "Grand Cube" in the style of a nature documentary.


Dramatic Readings

Each year, the producers at my agency have an all-day onsite meeting. To break up the back-to-back sessions, I concepted and directed these videos, based on the idea of dramatically reading the company-wide emails we all receive. Here's one about expense reports, followed by one about a missing black hat.


The Office DS - UK Style

One of the pillars of my studio announced that she was moving to join our London office, so I directed this goodbye tribute.



HONK. Submitted to the 48-hour film festival in New York, June 2011. This video was written, shot, scored, and edited by my friends and me between Friday June 10th (at 7pm) and Sunday June 12th (7pm). Our prompts were: Prop - coffee mug; Line of dialogue - "Do what you want to do"; Character: The criminal Michelle Sellers; Genre: "Adventure serial".